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#NYCWFF 2011 with NBA Glitterati & a little MAS!


Its Friday evening checked into the Dream Downtown, which was the unofficial hub for the New York Wine and Food Festival.  Skipped out on the Whoopi GoldBurger Bash it’s just not the same without Rachel Ray. Sixty-five degrees in NYC opted for the leather Alice and Olivia mini dress.  As I unpacked my shoes looking at the red fabric bags debating on which Louboutins, black spikes, silver spikes or no spikes. I recalled the time when my hippy bohemian reality chef friend was in shock and awe that my shoes came in their own bags.  He even took pictures of my shoe bags to document that such things occur outside his world of slip on sneakers, baggy jeans and sweatshirts with hoodies. With that I refocused my styling energy and opted for black spikes, as they are my new good luck shoes. Being on Miami time I was already late for dinner.  I got my Givenchy clutch ready in a pinch.  Bronzer check, gloss check, emergency cash check, hotel key check, 2 credit cards and a pony tail holder check.  Threw the rest of my wallet and jewelry in the safe and rushed out the door. Damn, did I turn the curling iron off?  Oh well…

 Dinner was at Mas Farmhouse with family and friends. This was my second time at Mas and it was everything that I remembered.  I was looking forward to the soft shell crab but it was out of season.  So in lieu I opted for the lobster.  Heaven in my mouth. Heirloom tomato and onion tart finished off with a luscious peach cobbler. My night was complete. I was stuffed, ready to hit the sack and rent a good in room flick.  But I had forgotten I promised to meet people for an after dinner drink in my hotels hot spot restaurant Marble Lane.

 I raced back to the hotel in the rain and found my party.  I ordered an Iced tea they had vodka tonics and patron shots.  As I watched them get their drunk on I yawned. I looked at my watch and decided it was time to call it a night and walked them to the door. They thankfully were ready to depart to the upstairs nightclub.  As I went back into the hotel passing back thru the restaurant en route to my room I saw a food festival coordinator get ripped a new one by a huge security guard as she tried to photograph someone in the resto.  I looked over and was able to make out whom she was acting like paparazzi for. I recognized them instantly.  I died and went to NBA heaven in a matter of seconds.  I had to regain my composure and not look like a complete star-struck fanatic. I was not going out like the food festival chick that got lectured in the corner and camera almost smashed by an angry handler. As a basketball fan I knew these boys were in town for some heavy-duty negotiations to end the lock out.  I did an inconspicuous walk by to see what they were eating of course and just like Charlie Bucket won his golden ticket I heard my name called from their table. A friend of mine spotted and invited me to join them.  The moment was surreal.  Was this really happening?  I joined the table, which led to a night of being part of the entourage of these greats. We toured thru the NYC nightlife scene with bodyguards and umbrella handlers.  Every time we walked in to a venue we were shuttled to a table and the Jay Z Paris song would come on like clock work.  I ended up staying out till an abnormally ridiculous hour.  I was told multiple times to use my inside voice when I elbowed my friend and said, “This is the greatest night ever!”   As the clock hit 3 a.m. I put myself in a cab, clicked together my lucky spikes and bid adieu to my new friends. I smiled the whole rainy 5 blocks back to the hotel.  I no longer was upset that I missed the burger bash for Mas and I literally mean Mas in full on Spanish definition.  For I got to hear the greatest comment of the NYCWFF  “F**k, Kobe!” and let me tell you this wasn’t in reference to the beef.

WHO: Galen Zamarra



HIGHS:  Heirloom tomato and caramelized onion tart, roasted lobster tail and poached lobster claw, peach cobbler

LOWS: Buttermilk pound cake

P.S. Congrats to Burger Bash winner Josh Capon Burger and Barrel, I’ll be seeing you at your NYC resto for my burger that I rain-checked literally. 

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